Charcoal is for face masks, not smoothies!

Sorry Lola Berry, but charcoal has no business being in your morning smoothie. Many people mistakenly believe that charcoal should be ingested as part of a dietary “detox”. But as my clever readers know, detox diets are a load of rubbish. That’s what we have a liver and kidneys for!

Charcoal can be used in a medical setting when people have ingested harmful substances. But charcoal does not discriminate between “good” stomach contents and “bad” – it can also prevent you from absorbing many of the vitamins, minerals and other substances you’ve just consumed, such as medications. So putting charcoal in your smoothie is an extra bad idea – at best, you’ve got a very expensive smoothie with no nutritional value, and at worst you could be reducing the effectiveness of any medications you are taking.

So play it safe and put charcoal on your face, not in it!

Ashleigh Jones

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